Organisational Foundations

.. choosing activities and goals with a clear long term vision and a deep rooted mission
.. growing structured and organised - not depending on one person for decision making
.. insight and oversight in what is happening and where you are going
.. setting Impact Based goals and objectives
... being prepared for growth

Recalibrating the course of the organisation with the compass of a clear Kingdom mission


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Voor wie?
Vision bearers, founders, pioneers, leaders..
Peope with a mission that is bigger than their activities. Leaders of 'something bigger than themselves' - a new path, a movement, from a Kingdom mission.
For those that live from a relationship with the King (and not just the principles of the Kingdom).

What to expect?
.. 1 on 1 online meetings with a fresh and independent set of eyes, a helicopterview, and no-nonsense style advice.
.. individual and (if possible/applicable) collective tasks for preperation and depth.

(re) focus on:
Impact Based objectives


On request*

*I keep the financial situation of the organisation in mind. Do not let money be an obstacle to connect!

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